Malta, a small island between Sicily and Africa, is exciting not only because of its history, sea and beaches but because anyone can get to Malta by direct flight from Bratislava for great money. You can buy cheap flights to Malta anytime during the low season. :-) Discover Malta.

Discover Malta

Where to go in Malta

Holidays in Malta have many faces. You can look for the most beautiful places in Malta in the countryside or the cities. The highest point is the fabled Dingli Cliffs, or Il-Qarraba, which are unmatched in beauty by the cliffs of Dover. The historic capital was formerly the quiet Mdina, now inhabited only by a few aristocratic Maltese families. The natural centre of life is the capital Valletta with its harbours and the three cities of Birgu, Bormla and Isla.

Discover Malta. For sports, diving and beaches, head to Bugibba and the islands of Gozo and Comino. Here you will also find the excellent Malta Aquarium. Malta offers many experiences and is a good travel choice. If you want to keep current, join the FB group Travel Hiking.