Hiking, cycling, venture, life

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Welcome to our unforgettable pilgrimage into active travel, where suitcases turn into backpacks and shoes turn into hiking boots! Hiking, cycling, venture, life… If you like the wind in your hair and adventure in your blood, you’ve come to the right place.

Our philosophy is simple: “Leave the cars, all inclusive hotels and hit the trails and bike paths!” Yes, you heard right. Forget conventional travel – here, we embark on unforgettable adventures on foot and by bike to discover landscapes and places at their most authentic.

Know yourself

Active travel is like a live interactive game. Step into your world that’s full of real challenges and rewards! Every hill, tree, canyon, and trail is like a level of the game where you are the hero. The reward for successfully conquering it can be self-knowledge, self-confidence and a view from the top where a panorama that will take your breath away opens up.

Hikevent Cycling
Hikevent Hiking
Hikevent travelling

Active travel

Don’t be fooled into thinking that active travel means spending your days with nothing but a backpack on your back. On the contrary, our route takes you through green meadows, ridge trails and nature parks. We’ll cycle through picturesque villages and romantic roads, where bird-sounding nature accompanies you every kilometre.

And we’re not just talking about physical activity. Along the way, you meet new people and cultures, enjoy local cuisine and discover treasures you would otherwise not know about. Every step, twist, and turn opens the door to a world that is often overlooked.

Enjoy life

Restart yourself. So, are you ready to get the adrenaline pumping and a smile on your face? Come with us on a hike that combines active movement, fun and unforgettable experiences. We await you with open arms, hiking backpacks and bikes ready for new adventures!

The backpacks are loaded, the hiking shoes tied, and the bike chains oiled. Just join in and start your adventure! See Australia, Malta, Azores or Canaries adventures. Our hiking, cycling and culture experiences.

Whether you’re a keen hiker, an avid cyclist or just a regular adventurer, join us on our adventurous journeys. We create memories you’ll remember long after you return home. And we believe there’s nothing better than to say: “Travelling? I’ll try it on my bike!” Or “Hiking? Sure thing, we’ll give it a go!”

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