Kôprovský štít bike & hike

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The idea to combine a hike to Kôprovský štít bike & hike trail with a bike came earlier. And that was back when Zuzka and I went through the Tichou valley to Svinica and Kasprov vrch (Tatra hills, Slovakia). It was quite an experience then, which I will remember for a long time, but that’s another story.

Kôprovský štít

Kôprovský štít at a roof
At a roof Kôprovský štít

Kôprovský štít is a peak in the High Tatras rising at the junction of the Temnosmrečinská, Hlinská and Mengusovská valleys. We decided to take the less frequented route through the Hlinská Valley. But let’s start from the beginning.

From Štrbské Pleso to Kôprova Valley

Kmeťov vodopád waterfall
Kmeťov vodopád waterfall

So we took the night train in the direction of Poprad – Tatry. In the morning, at five o’clock, we were already at Štrbské Pleso. We had a coffee and a bite to eat. Then we got on our bikes toward Podbanské and Kôprová Valley.

It went pretty fast. The majestic Kriváň towered in front of us, pushing us forward. Before we knew it, we were at the turn-off to Kmet’s waterfall.

Hlinská Valley

We continued on foot. Soon we came to the mouth of the Hlinská Valley, and then we continued through the Hlinská Valley through the forest, along the creek, grass-rock serpentines up to the Vyšný Kôprovský saddle.

Vyšné Kôprovské sedlo

From here, we had a beautiful view of the Great Hincovo Pleso, where most tourists come from. The trails connect here. From the saddle, we continued on the red hiking trail to the top of Kôprovský štít.

The views from the top were truly magnificent in all directions. The excellent view of Hincovo Pleso, the surrounding peaks and the Temnosmrečianska valley with its mountains was worth it. But we had to go down.

We still had to descend back to the Kôprovská Valley and cycle to Liptovský Hrádek to catch the train. On the way down, we also saw marmots and chamois. I just stated that I didn’t need to see any other animals 🙂 that was enough for today.

Descent from the hill
Descent from the hill

Descent to Liptov

The valley seemed endless, but once we got on our bikes, it went fast. We crossed the Kôprova Valley from Podbansky along the forest road to Liptovský Hrádek. We wandered a bit, and suddenly, we were among the sheep, but it didn’t matter. 🙂 It is an experience. Finally, we cycled a total of about 60 km + hike about 15 km, with a total elevation gain of about 1400 m.

By bike under Kôprovský štít
By bike under the peaks

High Tatras, Slovakia

Challenge Kôprovský štít bike & hike. In conclusion, I like such trips. And when you have a good partner, it’s worth it. However, a unique experience for active people in High Tatras, Slovakia, requires suitable footwear, a good bike and fitness condition.

And we can only confirm that Zuzka is a great partner. 🙂

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